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Are you searching for the best beaches Europe has to offer? With a wide variety of landscapes and climates, Europe is home to many unique beaches. 

We’ll introduce you to some of the most beautiful European beach destinations, perfect for summer sunning or off-season exploration.

The Old Continent is particularly rich in climate and terrain, offering hundreds of scenic waterfronts waiting to be discovered. From the warm waters of Spain’s Costa del Sol, to the craggy reaches of Iceland’s coast there are hundreds of different, and beautiful, beaches in Europe that are worth visiting.

Not all of the best European beaches are located on remote islands. Some can actually can be found in large European cities, with beaches boasting a wide range of amenities, such as beach clubs, restaurants and water-sport rental services. Every single one of these European beaches is stunning in its own right. All should be visited if you are looking to explore the very best European beach destinations.

18 of the Best Beaches in Europe

We tried picking one beach from each country with a coastline in Europe. The keyword is tried, we know we missed a bunch.

We took into consideration features and aspects which are of paramount importance to us. Cleanliness, overall beauty, accessibility and a general harmony between the natural landscape and man-made elements were all examined in our search for the best beaches in Europe.

Alright, let’s get to it! It’s never too early to plan your next sun-drenched vacation to a gorgeous sandy European beach destination. We’ve put together a thorough list of some of the best beaches in Europe to choose from!

Please note – Some of our selections contain affiliate links. These allow us to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables us to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.

The Best Mediterranean Beaches in Europe

Let’s get started by taking a look at Europe’s Mediterranean coast. There are literally hundreds of beaches to pick from here. Narrowing this list down was really difficult. We’ll have to write another article to showcase the top 20 beaches on the Mediterranean.

Until then, this is as good a place to start as any.

The Best Beach in Cyprus – Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

coastal water as seen from nissi beach in cyprus.

Kicking off our list is a 500-meter stretch of white sand situated at the south-eastern tip of the Republic of Cyprus. As one of the most iconic beaches of the island nation, Nissi Beach is popular among tourists and locals alike, so it tends to get quite busy in the warm summer months.

Those looking to escape the crowds should plan their visit between mid-April and May. September to mid-October is also ok. The water is still pleasant, but there aren’t too many people around.

Part of the Ayia Napa resort town, Nissi Beach has gained popularity because of its crystal-clear shallow waters sparkling in turquoise hues, and very fine white sandy coastline, placing it among the best beaches in Europe. The beach’s lively clubbing scene, myriad cool facilities and wide variety of water sports activities should also be noted.

Where to Stay

If you’d like to have a small, private portion of this stunning beach all to yourself and enjoy the high-end amenities of a nearby lodging, then the 4-star Nissi Beach Resort should definitely pique your interest.

The Best Beach in Greece – Elafonisi Beach, Crete

people on the yellow sands of Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Picking one single beach from Greece was a challenge, for sure. Hellas is home to some of the best beaches in Europe, so selecting merely one was pretty difficult. Nevertheless, we decided on Elafonisi Beach, located at the south western periphery of the largest Greek island, Crete. It does not only feature some of the clearest waters you’ve ever seen. Elafonisi Beach also has a portion covered in pink sand, which is quite a rarity!

The beach boasts vibes of a remote oasis, but in reality, it can be easily reached via car and there are a few amenities, such as public toilets, available to the crowds of people flocking to visit Elafonisi daily. To avoid the droves of sun worshipers, try traveling in low season. Make sure you check the weather forecast, as strong winds can completely ruin the experience.

Have a look at our round-up article if you want to read more about incredible beaches in Greece!

Where to Stay

The welcoming Elafonisi Resort by Kalomirakis Family can serve as the perfect base for your trip, situated merely a 10-minute walk away from the scenic Elafonisi Beach.

The Best Beach in Italy – Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

people sitting on rocks on the shore of Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

Similarly to Greece, Italy, with its 450 islands and 7,600 km-long shoreline, Sicily is also a mecca when it comes to the best beaches in Europe. After careful consideration, we decided to go with the Sicilian shores of Scala dei Turchi, which translates to the “Stair of the Turks”, as its most exquisite beach.

The reason for this is simple: this coast is quite unique in its composition, being made up of marl, which contributes to its exceptionally white color, in perfect contrast to the turquoise hues of the water and the blue skies. Offering such a remarkable natural landscape, it’s no wonder that Scala dei Turchi is often enlisted among the best Mediterranean beaches.

The limestone beach is situated between two sandy stretches and is easily accessible from the SP68 road. Numerous amenities can be found nearby, including restaurants, snack bars and public restrooms.

Where to Stay

 If you’re interested in spending the night in the area, you might want to book your stay at the 4-star Hotel Puntamajata, a short 6-minute drive away from the white coastal gem.

The Best Beach in Malta – Blue Lagoon, Comino

4 girls sitting right by the water at the Blue Lagoon in Malta

The small island nation of Malta is an often-overlooked destination, despite being home to some of the best Mediterranean beaches. On its smallest inhabited island called Comino, a gorgeous turquoise-colored lagoon can be found, with picturesque surroundings and a small, but wonderful beach.

The Blue Lagoon is definitely one of the best beaches in Europe, thanks to its remoteness, remarkably warm waters and peaceful vibes. Avoid stopping by during the peak season and opt for a low-season visit instead, so you won’t have to share the narrow, rocky path with crowds arriving via large cruise ships.

Where to Stay

The islet’s single lodging, the Comino Hotel is only operational between May and October, however, if you’d like to plan your visit for another time, you can always stay on the main island and hire a water taxi to take you there.

PS – Don’t forget to haggle your fare price for a lower rate!

The Best Beach in Portugal – Praia de Benagil, Algarve

Man with camera standing by the shore of Praia de Benagil, Algarve.

No list reciting the best beaches in Europe would ever be complete without mentioning one of the most remote sandy coasts in Portugal, namely, Praia de Benagil. This shoreline is unique because of its location, found at the very heart of a scenic cave, with a hole at its center, letting the sunbeams shine right through it, lighting up the beach. You can reach Benagil Cave via boat tours, kayaks and organized SUP tours.

Adventurous travelers can also consider visiting one of the best Mediterranean beaches by simply swimming in. After taking stock of the weather conditions and recognizing a calm sea, near-zero wind and a clear forecast for the next couple of hours, you can tackle the ocean waves with the help of your fins and get inside in a matter of minutes.

Make sure you rest a bit and enjoy the view before you head back, since you’ll need extra energy to confront the ways coming right at you. Remember to only take up this challenge if you feel up to the task and are an experienced swimmer in ocean waters!

Check out our round-up of incredible beaches in Portugal if you want to know more!

Where to Stay

If you’d like to spend a couple of days in this particular area, the Terracos De Benagil guesthouse can provide you with suitable accommodation.

Best Beaches in Europe – Algarve’s Praia do Carvoeiro

Houses and yellow sand on the shore of Algarve's Praia do Carvoeiro.

The magnificent Praia do Carvoeiro is located mere steps away from the center of the old fishing village with the same name.

Small but clean, this beach is the perfect choice if you like the comfort of being close to shops, bars, clubs, and restaurants. You can also rent sunbeds, partake in watersports, and hop on a few boat tours to discover more of the area from the sea.

Praia do Carvoeiro’s convenient location has the added charm of white houses with red-tiled rooftops resting on the two bordering cliffs. Even if the beach is far from spacious, it doesn’t get as crowded as Praia do Camilo, because the city of Carvoeiro is pretty underrated.

Since you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to drop by Algar Seco, a fascinating nature site with gripping grottos, a blow hole, alluring rock formations, and some of the best viewpoints in the area.

This was one of our very favorites, and is without a doubt one of the best beaches in Algarve, and one of the coolest beach destinations in Europe.

The Best Beach in Spain – Playa de Maro, Nerja

Twilight right by the water in Playa de Maro, Nerja

Continuously cited among the finest beaches Spain has to offer, Costa del Sol’s Playa de Maro is definitely a dream Mediterranean destination. This hidden gem can be found outside the village of Nerja, and is a haven for anyone looking for a wild beach experience.

Amenities serving this particular coastline are scarce, so be prepared to bring everything with you, from food and water to umbrellas and anything else you might need. There’s only a small beach bar here, which serves local tapas and a humble variety of drinks.

Playa de Maro is one of the best beaches in Europe for snorkeling and even scuba diving, with its colorful flora and abundant fauna in its crystal-clear waters. This place is also a preferred area for folks with sea kayaks and canoes who enjoy the lush vegetation and picturesque scenery along the splendid Andalusian shoreline and the gorgeous waterfall located nearby.

Read more about the lovely beaches of Costa del Sol, and the beaches of Barcelona, Spain!

Where to Stay

The three-star Hotel Playamaro lies merely a 20-minute walk away if you’re interested in staying in the village.

Best Beaches in Spain – La Viborilla, Benalmádena

Sunset reflecting form the water and sand of La Viborilla, Benalmádena

If peace and tranquility are what you have in mind for your holiday, La Viborilla, near the town of Benalmádena, is where you’ll find it. Surrounded by palm trees and woodlands, this hidden beach of sandy stone will feel like your own secluded lagoon.

Despite its Tom Hanks in Castaway vibes, La Viborilla has all of the basic amenities, including a casual beachfront restaurant serving up regional cuisine and gorgeous sunset views. If adventure is what you’re feeling, wander away from the beach and explore the majestic coves hidden within the cliffs.

Where to Stay

About four km away from La Viborilla is Holiday Hydros Boutique Spa & Wellness Hotel. Aside from the stylish suites with sea views, there are upscale amenities like a gym, bowling alley, and full-service spa with an indoor pool. Dine on delicious and fresh Mediterranean cuisine at the Mar y Tierra Restaurant.

The Best Beach in Turkey – Olüdeniz Beach

People sitting by the shore of Olüdeniz Beach

We couldn’t really conclude our list of best Mediterranean beaches without mentioning Turkey, now, could we? We’ve been particularly eyeing yet another Blue Lagoon, located in the Fethiye district in southwestern Turkey, referred to as Olüdeniz Beach. This generous stretch of sand dotted by umbrellas and sun lounges is bordered by the transparent waters of the sea, making you instantly feel like you’ve landed in paradise.

Beach bars, restaurants, cafés and bars are at your disposal to enjoy fully, along with a handful of other coastal amenities. One of the coolest activities you can partake in is tandem paragliding, admiring not only the stunning shoreline but also the nearby lush, green hills from high above.

Where to Stay

Ecclesia Boutique Hotel offers adult-only lodging just a few minutes away from the beach, with an on-site spa center and Turkish hammam that you should definitely delve into!

The Best Beaches in Northern Europe

Let’s have a look at beautiful beaches in Northern Europe. You are less likely to find endless sunshine and golden sand here, but the views are incredible. 

The Best Beach in France – Étretat, Normandy

The beach and cliffs in Étretat, Normandy

This probably isn’t the most popular beach in France but it’s so damned beautiful that we decided to present you with the best Northern beach France, instead of opting for another Mediterranean gem (although there are many!).

Located in the north-western part of the country, in the Normandy Region, Étretat beach and its scenic cliffs are definitely a rewarding destination you should include in your list of the best beaches in Europe.

Although not your typical powdery white-sand beach, Étretat Plage is made up of small white pebbles and offers quite a lengthy coastline which fills with tourists on warm summer days. Make sure you get there early in order to score the finest viewpoint from where you can admire the majestic cliffs and the spectacular arch all day long!

Where to Stay

 Public restrooms, a wide variety of bars, cafés and restaurants are all accessible from the beach, along with cozy little accommodation sites, like the three-star Dormy House, boasting panoramic views over the picturesque surroundings.

The Best Beach in Germany – Warnemünde Beach

People sitting by the water at Warnemünde Beach in Germany

Germany might not be famous for its beaches, but we positively believe that the coastline along Warnemünde has an undeniable place among the best Northern beaches in Europe. This impeccably clean white-sand beach is best enjoyed during very hot summer months, when the extreme heat is balanced out by the wind and the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea.

The fact that Warnemünde is lined by various restaurants, bars, cafés and other public amenities, and boasts the most modern accessible beach entrances in the area for anyone to enjoy, definitely ranks it among the best beaches in Europe. The annually-held maritime festival takes place each year in July, bringing vibrant vibes to the coastal town of Rostock.

Where to Stay

 The nearby four-star, boutique-style Hotel am Leuchtturn might prove to be the perfect base for your visit here.

The Best Iceland Beach – Reynisfjaba Beach, Vik

Sunset over the black sands and cliff of Reynisfjaba Beach

Those interested in ticking off the most unique beaches in Europe from their bucket list definitely need to plan a visit to Reynisfjaba Beach, located at the southern edge of stunning Iceland. The scenery doesn’t get any more dramatic than at this particular shoreline adjacent to the small village of Vík. No wonder a handful of movies were filmed here – including Game of Thrones, Noah, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – because the scenery is just plain and simply out-of-this-world!

Reynisfjaba is lucky enough to possess an eye-catching black sand beach (courtesy of basalt lava), a cave, a few impressive rock formations towering up from the waves and, if all this wasn’t enough, an entire wall of basalt columns as well! Whichever way you look at it, it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. But don’t get too mesmerized by the scenic landscape and always watch your step when exploring the area, because sneaker waves can rapidly sneak up on you and carry you out to sea.

The Best Beach in Norway- Høyvika Beach, Andøya

Wide angle shot of the coast and cliffs of Høyvika Beach, Andøya

We couldn’t really call our article complete without including a fabulous beach in the Arctic, so we’ve researched far and wide until we stumbled upon the astonishing Høyvika Bay, on the gorgeous Andøya island of Northern Norway. An absolute must for anyone interested in rugged coastlines, Høyvika should definitely be enlisted among the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Travelers who can’t wait to delve into wild landscapes will surely feel right at home here. The beach features panoramic hiking trails, unspoiled natural landscapes, and mild weather conditions. Just make sure you don’t disturb the local wildlife during your exploration, because Høyvika also serves as the nesting ground for various types of birds, including puffins and cormorants.

Where to Stay

The Midnattsol rom og hytter guesthouse is a simple, but welcoming lodging where you can spend the night without breaking the bank.

The Best Beach in the United Kingdom – Durdle Door Beach

The sandstone arch of Durdle Door Beach

The iconic Durdle Door Beach is situated at the southern tip of the United Kingdom, in Dorset County. The shoreline mostly attracts its visitors with its emblematic arch, however, the beauty of the beach and its surroundings should definitely not go unnoticed.

The limestone structure is likely the most photogenic part of the Jurassic Coast and certainly deserves a rightful place on the best beaches in Europe list. Outdoor activities such as walking, hiking and biking can be pursued here, even if the weather and water temperature might not exactly be suitable for swimming.

Where to Stay

 Castle Inn is a budget-friendly lodging situated nearby and can serve as the perfect starting point for your Dorset visit.

The Best Beach in Denmark – Rubjerg Knude, Lokken

Girl walking towards the sand dunes of Rubjerg Knude in Lokken

Rubjerg Knude is not your typical beach holiday destination, which is exactly why we decided to include it on our list. The rugged coast located by the stormy North Sea in Denmark’s northernmost tip is known for its migrating sands and exceptionally strong winds.

The picturesque lighthouse standing tall at the beach’s very heart has had quite a tumultuous history, being first lit in 1900 and battling massive coastal erosion and shifting sands ever since. The lighthouse caretakers couldn’t keep up with the ever-changing conditions, so it stopped functioning after 68 years of trials and errors. For a brief time, a few museums were set up in the smaller homes situated right next to the lighthouse, but they were severely damaged and were simply removed.

The entire beach is extremely photogenic, definitely among the best beaches in Europe and is worthy of your visit. If you still want to catch a glimpse of the lighthouse, you might want to hurry up, since specialists proclaim that the tower will likely fall into the sea in the next couple of years.

Where to Stay

 The nearby three-star Hjørring Kro Guesthouse can serve as the perfect jumping-off point for your visit.

The Best Balkan Beaches

And finally, let’s have a look at a few Balkan beaches, for that perfect Balkan holiday. 

The Best Beach in Albania – Ksamil Beach

People sitting under umbrellas by the shore of Ksamil Beach

The Balkans should not be overlooked in your quest to find the best beaches in Europe, considering their pristine beauty and affordability. These two general characteristics apply to Albania’s very own Ksamil Beach, considered the most stunning shoreline in the entire country. Situated within the confines of Butrint National Park, it lies at the southwestern tip of Albania and can easily be reached even from Greece.

The waters take on a gorgeous turquoise hue during the day. It is so shallow that you can almost walk over to Ksamil Island, situated right across the white-sand beach. The beach offers easy access to a wide variety of amenities. These include a myriad of cafés, bars, and restaurants. There are dozens of accommodation sites very near the coast.

Where to Stay

 If you’d like to spend a few low-cost days here, check out the three-star Hotel Vila Vista Mare, located a few blocks away from the beach.

The Best Beach in Croatia – Zlatni Rat, Brač

Golden Horn Beach in Bol Croatia seen from above.

Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and also the most iconic one in Croatia, the slender stretch of fine pebbles called Zlatni Rat (which translates to Golden Horn) is definitely one-of-a-kind. Bordered by lush green forests and shallow turquoise waters, this gorgeous beach located on the island of Brač should definitely be on your must-see list.

The nearest town is the similarly picturesque small city of Bol. Bol is home to charming stone houses boasting red-tile roofs, narrow streets, and a beautiful marina. The 500-meter stretch tends to get quite busy in the summer months. However, it can be fairly quiet in the low season months of May and September.

Where to Stay

The three-star Zlatni Rat Beach Hotel is one of the closest accommodation sites to the beach bearing the same name.

Montenegro – Sveti Stefan Beach

Man standing by a boat on the shore of Zlatni Rat in Brac Montenegro

Concluding our list of the best beaches in Europe is another emblematic shoreline of the Balkans. This amazing beach is located at the south-western periphery of Montenegro, 30 kilometers away from the incredible town of Kotor. The fine pebbled beach might not be too wide or too long, but it overlooks the stunning peninsula which gives home to a private hotel.

This place is definitely one of the most iconic destinations in the entire country. You’ll likely see it on postcards, souvenirs and other memorabilia in all corners of Montenegro. The Adriatic coast is lined by grill bars, restaurants, cafés, playgrounds and lush parks, offering a wide variety of amenities for travelers to choose from.

Where to Stay

 If you don’t have enough money to splurge on a 7-night stay in an extravagant hotel on the peninsula, you can always opt for more down-to-earth lodging, like the four-star Hotel Azimut.

The Beaches in Europe Wrap-Up

And there you have it folks, our guide to the best and most beautiful beaches in all of Europe. So many incredible beach locations and vistas to visit! We hope we inspired you guys to start thinking about your next European beach vacation.

As always, happy travels guys, and we’ll see you on the road!

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