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Looking for the best beer spas in Prague?

As the birthplace of Pilsner, it’s not surprising that beer is a major part of Czech culture. The Czech Republic consumes more beer per capita than any other country in the world, a badge of honor that its citizens wear proudly. And if you’re headed to Prague, you’ll find that beer is even cheaper than water.

Aside from crossing monastery breweries, scenic beer gardens, and underground cellar pubs off your Prague beer bucket list, there’s one more attraction you might want to consider. A relaxing day at a beer spa in Prague.

If spending hours soaking in a tub of traditional Pilsner sounds like paradise, you’re not alone. Thousands of tourists come to the Czech Republic to drink and bathe in beer. But despite what it sounds like, a beer spa treatment does not consist of submerging yourself into a vat of pure pilsner.

Beer extracts, such as hops and yeast, are added to a tub filled with hot water. These ingredients are said to offer a variety of health and relaxation benefits, such as detoxification, hydration, and improved circulation. The average treatment lasts about a half hour to an hour, and the best part – you can drink as much beer as you want during the spa session. Some beer spas may add other perks like massage treatments, saunas, or light fare to snack on while you drink and soak. Most spas offer bathrobes, slippers, and free locker rentals for you to store your clothing.

It’s recommended that you don’t bathe for a few hours following your treatment to ensure you reap all the benefits. You can wear as much or as little clothing as you like- the rooms are private. Some people choose to wear their swimsuits (although you may want to give it a good wash afterwards).

Should You Check Out the Beer Spas in Prague?

If you’re just looking to drink beer on the cheap, there are a million and one places to go in Prague. We even have a guide dedicated to our favorite beer spots in the city. So the answer would be no, go to one of the many amazing places to drink beer in Prague, and leave the beer spas to other people.

But if you’re looking to spend a romantic day with your loved one, get some much-needed relaxation with friends, or experience beer as you never have before, check out our list of the go-to beer spas in Prague and the Czech Republic.

Best Beer Spas in Prague

Best Beer Spas in Prague – Grand Relax Czech Beer Spa

Grand Relax Czech Beer Spa

The Grand Relax spa is one of the most luxurious wellness center in Prague. While they offer an assortment of European and Asian massage packages, cosmetic treatments, and saunas, the most popular attraction is their in-house Czech Beer Spa.

Czech Beer Spa is a very unique beer spa therapy. The ancient unique therapy uses hops, yeast, and other natural ingredients to create a one of a kind experience with many health benefits. The Czech Beer Spa includes unlimited drinks of their own Royal Czech Beer throughout the experience.

Additionally you can experience beer oil massages, and they serve gourmet sausages and other light fare to snack on as you enjoy your spa experience.

Groups of 30 people are welcome as you can reserve more than one private room for your excursion.

Note: The average price per bathtub for 1-2 people is about 2,790 Kč or €108.

Beer Spa Bernard® Prague

Bernard Beer Spa in Prague

Founded in 1991, Bernard is a popular family-owned brewery in the Czech Republic. If you enjoy their signature bitter, unpasteurized lager, you’ll be excited to know you can bathe in it as well. Beer Spa Bernard Prague features three locations in Prague 1 and one location in Prague 2.

Each private room is equipped with several one or two-person tubs depending on the number of people in your party. Aside from beer, ingredients such as beer extract, malt, hops, and yeast, are also added to the hot water. Each tub has a self-serve tap so you can fill a pint glass with Bernard’s 10° light lager (unlimited refills until the end of the session). There is also an adjacent room with beds and thermal blankets for relaxation after your bath.

We suggest booking your session at least a month in advance as it’s one of the more popular beer spas in Prague. Post-bath massage treatments are available for an additional fee.

Note: The average price per bathtub for 1 to 2 people is about 2,600 Kč or €100.

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Best Beer Spas in Prague – Original Beer Spa Prague

Original Beer Spa in Prague

This famous beer spa features two locations in the center of Prague. A staff member will walk you down to your private brick cellar treatment room where you’ll find thousand-liter whirlpool royal oak tubs. Hops, malt, brewer’s yeast, and other natural extracts are added to the water.

Like all beer spas, you can re-fill your pint glass as many times as you desire. Original Beer Spa offers light or dark Czech Krušovice® beer on tap and homemade beer bread. One corner of the room has a fireplace and a bed of wheat straw, where can relax after your bath and give your skin a chance to absorb all of the extracts.

Note: The average price per bathtub for 1 person is about 2,000 Kč or €78.

Beer Spas in Pilsen – Purkmistr Beer Spa

Purkmistr Beer Spa in Pilsen

Pilsen’s only beer spa belongs to the Purkmistr microbrewery (and the oldest brewery in Bohemia). The bath will contain pilsner extracts and other ingredients designed to soften and heal the skin. There’s also a tap located next to the bath where you can, you guessed it- pour yourself as many 12° Purkmistr beers as your stomach can contain. This spa experience also includes a heavenly beer oil massage.

You can also add on various other treatments. Try a 30-minute beer peeling body wrap. Malt is applied to remove dead skin cells from the body and nourish your skin. They also offer a variety of other bath treatments with extracts such as hop, peat, lavender, or even chocolate.

Note: The average price per bathtub (with massage) for 1 person is about 1,470 Kč or €58.

Beer Spas in Olomouc – Beer Spa Olomouc

Beer Spa Olomouc is found in Olomouc, a fantastic city in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic. Olomouc is mostly untouched by tourists which is a pretty huge shame, in and of itself. The city offers visitors beautiful architecture, delicious Czech cuisine, and of course, drinking and bathing in the local beer.

The Beer Spa Olomouc features wooden baths filled with a mix of water and dark beer extracts. You have about 40 minutes to sink into the hot water and you will receive two complimentary pints of 10° Vašek beers. At the end of your bath, relax in the salt sauna and rest your feet on the natural stone floor. The entire treatment lasts around 2 hours, which really gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

You have the option to add a 30-minute beer massage treatment to your package.

Note: The average price per bathtub (with massage) for 1 person is about 1,100 Kč or €43.

Beer Spas in Karlovy Vary – The First Karlovy Vary Beer Spa

First Beer Spa in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is actually known for being a major spa town in Bohemia. You can find many wellness hotels, full-service spas, hot spring sites, and majestic architecture. But if you only have beer on the mind, you can bet that this famous riverside city also happens to include a beer spa on its list of attractions.

The First Karlovy Vary Beer Spa is owned by the same company as the Original Beer Spa. So you’ll find similar features, ranging from the whirlpool royal oak tubs and unlimited light or dark Czech Krušovice® beer on tap. You’ll also have time to relax by the fireplace on the wheat straw beds.

Note: The average price per bathtub (with massage) for 1 person is about 1,600 Kč or €62.

So, there you have it, our picks for the best beer spas in Prague and the Czech Republic. Really, is there anything better than drinking beer while bathing in beer? If you’re looking for other amazing things to do while you’re in this beautiful country, check out our list of day trips from Prague. As always happy travels, and we’ll see you on the road!

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Best Beer Spas in Prague & the Czech Republic! Need a little rest and relaxation while visiting Prague? There's no better way than soaking in a hot tub of hops and sipping on a delicious beer at one of these amazing Prague beer spas! Plus, where to find beer spas in the Czech Republic beyond Prague! #prague #czechrepublic #europe #pilsen #plzen #beerspa #olomouc #karlovyvary #europeantravel #spa

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