When we explicitly permit exceptions for rape and incest in our pro-life laws, we aid and abet injustice. So what can we do to advocate for sexual assault victims and their children?

Few people are hearing the victims in the larger conversation. We can give them a voice!

We can also demand that our representatives protect all children equally in pro-life bills they advance in our state legislatures. Exceptions are an issue of courage, not legal necessity.

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Media training

Living Exceptions is headed by Pam Stenzel, a highly experienced educator and communicator. Pam will share her extensive media experience so that advocates can tell their story and have the most impact.


For those who wish to make a difference in the legislative arena, Living Exceptions will connect them with a broad network of pro-life organizations so that they can share their testimony far and wide.


Living Exceptions exists to provide support and advocate for women and girls who have been victims of sexual abuse and for their children. We are a community that cares, listens, and acts.


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