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This might come as a surprise, but there are plenty of great cocktail bars in Prague. 

What is the Czech Republic world-renowned for? Beer, of course! The hoppy deliciousness is the Czech Republic’s national beverage – and available in vast amounts all around the country.

Though Czechia is the home of the best beer in the world and a must-try when in Prague, the alchemists – that once hid in tunnels underneath the city – may have inspired their successors not solemnly to find the elixir of life, but maybe also something that helps enjoying it more: Cocktails! 

That raises the question: What is the best cocktail bar in Prague to enjoy a long drink? Join us on a journey through the boozy side of Prague and discover hidden spots that will send you out of the landlocked country to a faraway beach by the Caribbean Sea.    

20 of the Best Cocktail Bars in Prague

Tiki Taky, Žižkov

taki taky
PC: Tiki Taky

Especially during the dark winter months, Tiki Taky is the perfect place to seek shelter from the cold temperatures and bristling winds howling through the city. Be prepared to be teleported to a faraway land full of sunshine, warmth and – of course – heavenly cocktails. Tiki Taky is nestled in the heart of the hip Žižkov district and will make your taste buds dance with their perfectly balanced cocktails.

They also boast a drink that has so much power that every customer only gets to order 2 of them – with good reason. We like to opt out for one of their signature drinks, when paying the Tiki bar a visit: A juicy Bloody Mary that is the perfect in-between of tomatoey delight and booze. Paired with their island-like interior, Tiki Taky will make all the sorrows and dark clouds disappear and take you to the heart of Hawaii – which makes it one of the best cocktail bars in Prague.

Josie Bar Coffee & Cocktails, Žižkov

For all those that didn’t quite have enough after the first round, Žižkov district has some more cocktail fun to offer: Josie Bar – with their wooden, cozy interior and expertly mixed drinks – will make you want to stay hour after hour, drink after drink. This bar not only provides comfy seating, a pool table and good tunes, but also a barkeeper that will mix your drink based on your choice of liquor. Whether you like it sour, sweet or fruity, strong, light or all of the above – Josie has the right thing for everyone coming in.

The cherry on top is their super-friendly staff that will happily provide guidance on what drink you should go for today. Due to that fact, every drink at Josie’s is a signature drink – tailored to your needs. We loved our rum and fig mixtures and their Gin & Tonic. If you ask us, this is one of the best cocktail bars in Prague. Of course, they got fresh beer on tap, too!

Bukowski’s, Žižkov

best bars in prague, guide to prague nightlife
PC: Bukowski’s

Looking at the fact that Borivojova street has the most bars per capita in all of Europe, it is hardly a surprise that, yet another cocktail bar on the same street wound its way into our list – and hearts. Bukowski’s used to be a rather quiet neighborhood cocktail bar that then took off and now is THE place to have a drink, before diving into the Prague nightlife of the Žižkov area.

This, probably because of the snug interior – but also because of their fabulous drinks that their barkeepers put together. We have a weak spot for their ‘Whiskey Sour’ when getting our cocktail fix at Bukowski’s, but can warmly recommend any other of their combos, too.

Malkovich Bar, Žižkov

Just a few doors further down from Bukowski’s lies Malkovich bar. Their minimalist design and plentiful of seating make the bar a well-frequented place.

Next to beer and wine, the bar in retro style also mixes cocktails. Their ‘Dark & Stormy’ is amongst our favorites on their menu. Malkovich makes for a good place to have a seat and sip a delicious cocktail (or beer) with friends, if you are in need of a Prague night out at a slower pace.

Oblaca, TV Tower, Žižkov

Exploreing Zizkov, Prague - TV Tower

Looking for the ultimate alchemist legacy in town? Žižkov TV tower not only offers one of  the best views over the city, but is also the home of Oblaca Bar. What is this place, you ask?

The cocktail bar in Prague 3 hosts a true ‘alchemist’ that mixes the craziest combos for his guests. The modern interior and classy vibe make for an authentic cocktail experience in the Golden city, high up in the sky.

Try their signature cocktails ‘Lost Cargo’ (if you are into the taste of smoky whiskeys from Islay with a Czech twist) or ‘Oblaca Diamond’ (if you are into cherry and actual smoke), expertly put together by chief barman Jakub Zouzal.

Fermé, Vinohrady

Once a rather smoky pub in the heart of Vinohrady that poured expertly brewed Vinohradsky beer, Fermé reinvented itself and created a modern space with a cool vibe. Another change to the former beer bar – next to banning the cigarette smoke – was their menu, which they expanded with well-balanced and inventive cocktails. Whether you got a sweet tooth or like it sour and tangy, Fermé’s cocktail menu will make every cocktail drinker happy.

Their ‘Smoky Monster’ (Flaming Pig Whiskey with lychee liqueur and ginger, paired with Peat Monster Whiskey) pays homage to what the space near the TV tower used to be – as does the rural interior with tiled floors and brick walls. Their ‘Raspberry Lavender’ is one of many mixed drinks on their menu that compliments the new face of Fermé: Sweet, sour and creative. Fermé is one of our favorite places to spend a Prague night out.

Cobra, Letna

best bars prague cobra bar
PC: Cobra

Of course, the district with one of the most beautiful views over the city of a hundred spires does not run short of cocktail bars to spend the evening at when the sun has set. Cobra is amongst our favorite cocktail bars in Prague 7. 

With plentiful of beverage options, sweet DJ tunes and a trendy interior, the bar on Milady Horakove street makes for the perfect hideout after dark. Besides their wine selection, we love their signature drink ‘Panic! at the Pisco’. If you fancy something with a more exotic name, place your bets on the ’Piñacillin’. 

Cobra also serves delicious food – and coffee, for when it’s just a tad too early for that Whisky Sour.

Sidedoor, Letna

Next to Cobra, we like spending our cocktail hour at Sidedoor in Letna, too. Why? Their ‘Old Fashioned’ might just be the best in town and their interior is very down to earth – which is a welcome change for when you just don’t feel like wearing something all too fancy for cocktail hour. 

The small space in Prague 7 is the optimal place to stop by if you are on a Prague night out in pretty Letna. Sidedoor also boasts a happy hour between 5 and 7 PM, so don’t be late for that! 

Elbow Room, Letna

Located just off Letenske Namesti, nestled between the magnificent Art-Nouveau buildings of Veletržní street, lies the Elbow Room – a cozy place to explore the Prague nightlife in Letna.

Though not quite as small as the name implies, the cocktail bar in Prague 7 offers only limited seating, so make sure to get there early or be prepared to elbow… err… mingle with others.

Drinks like ‘Old Cubans’ and ‘Pisco Sours’ – or really any other drink on their menu – will make the mingling go easier and makes for a great experience. The cozy interior and relaxed vibe make people flock to the Cocktail bar in Prague 7.

Backdoors, Andel

Prague is full of cocktails bars, and so, Andel district – of course – offers plenty of options, too. Our favorite cocktail bar in Prague 5 is Backdoors, where you cannot only drink a wonderful Daiquiri or enjoy the juicy lychee and jasmine flavors of their ‘Shanghai Tea’, but also gorge yourself on a T-Bone steak or Salmon Tartar. 

The brick walls bestow the place a homey vibe, making it the perfect location for a wine & dine, followed by a couple of cocktails. They also have Jazz and Funk musicians, as well as Deep House DJs playing on site; a perfect way to spend a ‘Prague’ night out!

Moonclub, New Town

Moonclub is a hip, newly opened cocktail bar in the heart of Prague with a stunning glass roof, through which you can gaze at the stars. Well, or at least pretend to, as you sip a fruity ‘Eclipse’. The rather fancy and rich interior is pretty impressive and sitting down at either the bar or a separate table, one can’t shake of the feeling of having entered a James Bond movie. 

Located on busy Dlouha street, Moonclub is a reasonably priced cocktail bar in Prague’s Old Town that mixes classics such as Manhattans, but also surprises their patrons with goodies like a mixture of apple juice, elderflower and raspberry (also known as Chelsea Rose). 

Moonclub is a wonderful place to have a warm-up cocktail before you dive into the Prague nightlife. And may we just say: Their cosmos are heavenly!

Hemingway, Old Town

Once in Old Town, you might want to pay Hemingway bar on Karoliny Světlé street a visit for a special cocktail experience. Their comfortable interior will make you feel as if you are sitting in the living room of the writer that lent his name to the bar. 

With wonderful combinations like the ‘Champs-Élysées’ (with Coconut butter infused Zacapa 23 Solera Rum) or what the author probably would have ordered (Les Vacaciones de Hemingway), Hemingway makes for a laid-back place in Old Town, where you can slurp a delicious mixed drink or enjoy some of the smoky whiskeys they pour. A perfect oasis of tranquility in the bustling city center.

Cash Only, Old Town

cash only bar prague
PC Cash Only

The baby sister of Hemingway Bar will both clench your thirst and still your hunger. With signature drinks like their ‘Wildberry Gimlet’ or classics such as a ‘Moscow Mule’, Cash Only steals our hearts with its wooden, warm interior and their finger-licking good hot dogs, made with homemade buns. 

The creative minds behind the bar come up with a seasonal cocktail menu, that will refresh you in summer and keep you warm throughout winter. As their name implies, credit and debit cards will do no good here – Cash Only! Also, be sure to get there early enough to get a spot, as they do not take reservations. Cash Only is the perfect spot for a heavenly cocktail experience before discovering the nightlife in Prague.

Anonymous, Old Town

anonymous bar prague
PC: Anonymous

Anonymous is less hidden than its name has you think. Nestled in a quiet courtyard in Old Town, the team of the ‘original’ Anonymous will spoil you with the most creative cocktails Prague might have to offer.

Every drink has its very own presentation that will stick to your brain for a while – no matter how many of them you consume. From mixed goodies over to pure drinks, hot surprises and unexpected twists, the bar in Old Town will make your visit memorable and anything but ordinary.

We especially liked their ‘Hot Fawkes’, along with their signature drink ‘Remember’. Because it is one of the best cocktail bars in Prague, you might have to wait your turn till a table frees up, unless you make a prior booking online.

Anonymous Shrink’s Office, Old Town

About a 10 minutes’ walk away from its parent bar, the Anonymous Shrinks Office hides in plain sight on Jungmannova street. Following your apps’ directions and entering the ‘Bulletproof Bar’, you have only reached your destination halfway. Once in, you ought to find the button that will open a secret door to the cellar of the building.

The new gem in Old Town is a special experience for all cocktail lovers and will put a spell on your taste buds. Let the Shrink take care of your Insomnia and Venustraphobia in a, shall we say, different kind of way.

It is almost impossible to pay the second location of Anonymous Bar a visit without prior reservation, so make sure you secure your spot before going. Their location is perfect for discovering the Prague nightlife after a drink or two.

Bar & Books, Vinohrady & Old Town

Bar and Books Old Fashioned used with permission
PC: Bar & Books

Here comes one for all the classy cocktail-drinking people. Bar & Books has been around for a long time in Prague, pampering its guests with well-balanced and creative combinations. Their sours are on point and their house cocktails, like the ‘Watermelon Splash’, refreshing and delicious.

We especially love their winter specials for their gingerbread and cinnamon contents. With a cozy, yet stylish interior, Bar & Books is the ideal place for a date night or relaxed evening with delicious mixed drinks or straights – for when you want to experience a Prague night out in style.

With locations in Vinohrady and Old Town, a Bar & Books is never far from where you are.

SaSaZu, Holešovice

Just off the Vltava river shore, on the grounds of the ‘Prague Market’ in Holesovice, lies SaSaZu – a cocktail bar, restaurant and club. Not only does the team of SaSaZu fill your belly with delicious, handmade sushi, but also will spoil your palate with one of their well-balanced drinks.

SaSaZu is one of the best cocktail bars in Prague 7 and absolutely worth crossing the river for. Let this cocktail bar take you away to a faraway place with their ‘Hainan Island Drink’, made from Sake, vodka, lychee, coconut, lime and passion fruit or set out to the seven seas with their ‘Chocolate Jerry’.

L’Fleur, Old Town

Classy, cool and ‘très charmant’: L’Fleur, situated in V Kolkovně street in Old Town, mixes perfect combos, such as their signature cocktail ‘Golden Globe’ (Zacapa 23 Solera Rum with Coconut Water, Sherry Fino, Citrus Oleo Saccharum and a bay leave for good measure) and the ‘Compas’, made from their Rum Blend. 

The mostly wooden furniture makes the place a welcoming, warm hub in the busy center of Prague and is thus a perfect escape for cocktail (and beer) lovers.

Black Angel’s Bar, Old Town

black angle bar best bar prague
PC: Black Angel

Black Angel is probably the most well-known bar in Prague’s Old Town. With their luxurious drinks and hip interior, paying a visit to this special cocktail bar in Prague is worth remembering – if you can.

Make sure you meet their dress code, otherwise you will find yourself in front of locked doors – and, dressing up for cocktails is half the fun, right? Drinks like the ‘Bohemian Manhattan’ and ‘Leave a Message’ (yes, there is absinth in this one) will spoil your palate and transform your night into a special experience.

Black Angel’s is also the perfect place to go off into the Prague Nightlife, as it is situated close to some of Prague’s best and biggest clubs.

Tretter’s New York Bar, Old Town

moscow mule cocktail

The family-run Tretter’s bar has been serving amazing cocktails to a crowd for over 90 years now – and thus, they know just how to get the most out of every drink you order. We love their modern, yet homey interior, which – together with their exquisite assortment of drinks – turns your evening into a cocktail experience of the superclass. If you find yourself between the Kafka Monument and Old Town Square, pay the Tretter’s a visit and enjoy a prickly, icy Moscow Mule from their Copper Cup.

Feeling dizzy yet? Though Prague has plenty of incredible cocktail experiences to offer, we like to stick to what the Czech Republic is well-known and loved for: A cold, freshly draft beer from the tap. Na zdravi!

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